November 30, 2006

Increase Your Milk Supply With Breastea: 'These Bags Are Big'!

umas_bosomas.jpgThey're not just for men anymore. And by 'they,' I mean spam ads promising to increase your performance and size using unscientifically tested herbal treatments. Check out what DT reader Robert spotted in the hippie alternative [sic] to Craigslist in Dallas:

Breastfeeding moms! Increase your milk supply in 48 hours!

Are you a breastfeeding mother that has been told she has low breastmilk supply? Are you having to supplement with formula?

Breastea contains a powerful combination of herbs to increase breastfeeding moms low milk supply. These herbs really work, they are safe, and the results are amazing. You can start seeing an increase in your breastmilk production within the first 48 hours... [etc. etc. etc.]

It's an ad for Breastea [ask for it by name!], an herbal tea containing Rooibos, a caffeine-free, anti-oxidant herb from South Africa. Apparently, it's a favorite among ants, who stockpile it in their nests--where it is promptly stolen by rooibos farmers. [Is that mean? Sorry, it's the Law of the Jungle, pal; either the ants go to sleep hungry or the kid does. Or doesn't. Or--]

Anyway, as the website says, "These bags are big." Which means that each tea bag makes a whole gallon of Breastea, duh. Am I the only one who thinks it'd make a great marketing t-shirt, though, too? the teas for breastfeeding mothers [via and dt reader robert]


ahhhh .. uma ... it's been a while greg. thank you.

[it's barely been two weeks, ya junkie! Not that there's a quota or anything, of course... -ed.]

Now, had you never found this picture of Uma, would this story have made daddytypes?

I'm just askin', is all..

I find that most stories would benefit from and in some way relate to this Uma photo.

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