November 30, 2006

DT Namewatch #20: European Edition

Send along the names that stick in your wicket wherever you are, whether it's Port Charles or Pakistan: names [at] daddytypes [dot] com

  • Zarf, some soap opera, because Mork was taken
  • Bex, Jewish performer [via gawker]
  • Thijs, "pronounced thice. [Lauer] described it as the shortened form of Mathias which makes it the Dutch equivalent of giving your kid the proper name 'Topher'. Awesome." [via shawna]
  • Romy, also Lauer [via today show watcher shawna again]
  • Romy, also short for Rosemarie Magdalena [via stef and what's new, pussycat?]
  • Capucine
  • Ursula
  • Katrin
  • Eddra, or Edra [all ditto]
  • Shermakaye [via nyt]
  • Trajan Nicholas, aka the little emperor [via nick]
  • Jemima, the syrup stigma-free UK [via cricket and guardian]


    Please do not name your kid Thijs. My worst fear is that someone will take my child's name.

    We found it watching the Olympics. Thijs van Valkengoed was a swimmer. I searched around way back then and found it pronounced "tace" and "tice." It means God's gift or God's gift to women.

    [That is awesome. It's like a name you have to earn -ed.]

    Dear Rachel,

    By searching google for my name, I came across this website. I am honoured
    that you named your child Thijs, after you saw my name during the Athens

    Best wishes, specially to your child,
    Thijs van Valkengoed

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