November 29, 2006

Unidentified Woman Names Daughter After Even More Unidentified Brother

I had a great-great aunt or something who, it was revealed at her rural Utah funeral, named her firstborn son after her long-lost love, who was also her first cousin. If only she had been in the motion picture business, I'd be setting up playdates for the kid and Kal-el Cage right now.

Congratulations to Sofia Coppola and her unsuspecting boyfriend, Thomas Mars. A to little Romy. And to uncle Roman.

Sofia Coppola has a baby girl [people]


I went to college with Sofia. There must be some gene (could be from the wine biz in Napa) in that family because they're all pretty talented.

My guess is it's an homage to Romy Schneider.

[wow, I hadn't thought of that, if it was a boy, were they gonna name him Job? I'd originally thought Romy & Michele's HS Reunion. -ed.]

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