November 29, 2006

FLASH: Where's Greg? Wiggle To Stop Wiggling

Whoa. The Wiggles have called a press conference to make a 'major announcement.'

I need a drink.

update: Well, that didn't take long:

Page's departure will not make any difference to the power of Brand Wiggles, the company's breakfast cereals group brand manager, Andrew Hewson, said. "They each have different personalities but their strength lies in the fact that they are a group."
Ill singer 'to leave The Wiggles' [bbc via dt reader jm]
Wiggle Wanes But Show Goes On []
previously: Breaking: Greg Wiggle Diagnosed With Darrin Stephens Syndrome

1 Comment

Well if their breakfast cereal group brand manager steps forward, you know it's serious news.

[I know, right? Another, better edited version of this story made it clear that the cereal manager works for the cereal company, not the Wiggles, but it makes so much sense that the Wiggles would have a cereal group brand mgr, I can't bring myself to correct it. -ed.]

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