November 29, 2006

Sweet Kay Bojesen & The Butterscotch Rocking Horse

Known to design-y parents as the father of that teak monkey, and to the rest of the world as a modernist master Danish silversmith, Kay Bojesen also made a gorgeous, pared down rocking horse in 1951. Rosendahl reissued it...
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Unidentified Woman Names Daughter After Even More Unidentified Brother

I had a great-great aunt or something who, it was revealed at her rural Utah funeral, named her firstborn son after her long-lost love, who was also her first cousin. If only she had been in the motion picture business,...
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FLASH: Where's Greg? Wiggle To Stop Wiggling

Whoa. The Wiggles have called a press conference to make a 'major announcement.' I need a drink. update: Well, that didn't take long:Page's departure will not make any difference to the power of Brand Wiggles, the company's breakfast cereals group...
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DT Namewatch #19: Two Names I, At One Time Or Another, Imagined Having Edition

Have you heard a name that went in one ear and stayed? Send it in to names [at] daddytypes [dot] com: Grisha, short for Gregor, Gregor von Rezzori [via nymag] Gray Rabbitt, family names, apparently [via artnet] Anouk, model then,...
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FLASH: Non-Alcoholic Beer Just Not The Same For Some

After reading this agonized NYT article about how some women decide to have a drink now and then when they're pregnant, I am dying to hear some French mom confess to eating a salad:Many women who choose to drink have...
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South African Man Not Pregnant, Just Lazy, Stupid

Seems a Johannesburg man figured if he just had a certificate from a doctor, he could take a week off of work. So he grabbed one at the OB's office. 'Pregnant' man fined in SA court [bbc via tmn]...
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Pink: We Fought The Hegemony, And The Hegemony Won

The answer: far less than 2.5 years. The question: how long before your soul is crushed and your kid's soul is stolen by the whole pink-blue steamroller? Don't get me wrong, I still think it's worth resisting, and truth...
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The Fable Game: DIY Storybook By Enzo Mari

The Fable Game is like a hybrid of two other projects for which Enzo Mari is best known, at least around here: those incredible, intricate animal puzzles that cost about $1 million, and Autoprogettazione, his revolutionary DIY furniture design...
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