November 28, 2006

The DT Interview: Bboy Booginsroc's Bboying Dad


After seeing the amazing breakdancing moves of 2.5-year-old Bboy Booginsroc, I thought I'd drop a line to his dad, who was not only the source of his ill moves, but of his old school funk and motown education before that:

Thank you for your interest. My name is Brandon, [father of the boogins] and here is a little info on his story:

First off i have been bboying since 1996, from 2000-2003, i was in europe and thailand doing shows performances and workshops, after returning to the states, the booginsroc was born.

7 months later he started reacting to beats and timing his movements with the music, around that time he also started to crawl. He quickly developed a deep love for the music [not rap or hip hop, which we don't dance to, but old school funk and motown.] He would listen to hours of music and try different floor movements,but mainly he was just learning how his body worked.

At a year old he could walk and do some basic tumbling. He now only wants to watch bboy footage, listen to beats and practice his moves. At 19 months old i released his first video, which documents the rise of his skills. He was already doing many moves and amazing tricks. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that his skill level and drive to practice [4 hours a day] would easily propel him to prodigy level.

I left his first video online for 1 month, and it had gotten 50 thousands views in that time. 6 months later his 2nd video was released which shocked the world. His moves were incredible and his skill level was paranormal. This video is still up and has millions of world wide views. He is now blowing up the internet with over a million search results after googling his name and "break dancing baby".

We were then contacted by ELLEN DEGENERES, to have him featured on her show where he was crowned the world's most talented toddler and "best baby break-dancer in the world". A movie producer contacted us and flew here from new york to do a film shoot in which my son and i will be appearing. The movie will be released in 2007, worldwide, and is entitled, Planet Bboy.

Which brings us to now, and his newest update video [released on 11/11] Booginsroc is now a world famous global icon,with 10s of thousands of fan mail from over 30 countries. and has appeared on Mtv europe and the bbc.The discovery channel is currently making a special about child prodigy's,in which the boogins will be showcased as well..He is only 2 and a half years old and is getting better by the day.

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what is going on with baby Boogins??? My husband, step-daughter and I found your amazing son while surfing youtube for fun and amazing videos... we keep watching for an update, but nothing for a long time. We are anxiously awaiting to see mad skills your son has!!! Maybe even a few from the teacher himself. Hope all is well with you and baby Boogins and God bless.

The Coys

What happened to the talent? Anyone knows if he and his father are well?

Personally, I think he's the kid in the ending song of Nick Jr's show, Fresh Beat Band, but I haven't heard back from his dad yet to confirm.

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