November 27, 2006

Think.No? Think.Hell.Yeah! Norwegian Electric Car Company Keeps Going. And Going. And Going. And--


Think Nordic was bought and shuttered by Ford before almost anyone even knew the world is ending. Now that it's almost too late, some new investors have been found to plug the Norwegian electric car company back in.

While they're finetuning their original, Smart-sized 2-seater for private consumption, it's the Think Public that's got me fully charged. [If the puns bug, just stop reading now, because I have a feeling I won't be able to stop writing them.]

As JJ Daddy-O puts it, the tiny, 4-seat, 50 km/h, 100 km-range Public "makes a Scion xB look like a Ferrari wind-tunnel study." As the name implies, they're meant for use in speed-limited confines, like airports, urban center car-sharing networks, and, um, gated communities, which don't sound soul-deadening at all in this chirpy promotional copy:

Tired of noisy and hectic work lives, people are increasingly searching for the tranquillity promised by gated residential communities and centres of New Urbanism. Leave the SUV in the garage and drive to the shops in the quiet comfort of the TH!NK public. Along the way, you can open the window to listen to the birdsong and talk to neighbours. The air-conditioned TH!NK public covers all your local transportation needs without disturbing your well-deserved peace.
I guess the gas is always greener on the other side of the fence, especially when you live in the freakin' arctic circle. I still totally want one, though.

Think Nordic AS []
Think Again: Electric Car Company Returns []

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All I can think is inclosed golf cart. But I guess you need that to fight those harsh nordic winters...

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