November 24, 2006

Bboy Booginsroc Has Ill Moves

The story about how, back in the day, when he was a baby, Frank Lloyd Wright's mother got him a set of Froebel blocks, which helped him develop his sense of architecture, geometry and spatial clarity, is well known.

The story about how, when he was a baby, Bboy Booginsroc's dad got him a dancefloor, which helped him develop his wicked downrock moves and perfect his chairfreeze before he got out of diapers, however, is still being told.

And as you can see from part 2/3, Booginsroc's been working on his toprock, too. Which is good, because he's gotta get those moves down for the father/son DVD, which drops as soon as Bboy wakes up from his nap. [via metafilter]

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