November 22, 2006

Molded Plywood Cradle By Creative Playthings Totally Rocks


By the next year, 1967, Creative Playthings had changed the copy on their molded plywood crib and stroller to be more gender neutral. But a cradle this awesomely minimalist would rock [umm] for either a boy or a girl, frankly.

These designs all appeared about the same time as Gloria Caranica's Rocking Beauty hobby horse, and they won some contemporary awards, like the annual Good Design exhibition/competition that MoMA and the Chicago Athenaeum sponsored. But then, except for the horse, they largely disappeared. [Or am I just equating "disappeared" with "not getting misattributed to your boss" and "not getting knocked off by DWR"?]

It's just a hunch, but if it turns out that Caranica was involved in these really well-resolved designs, too, I think we're due for a fairly significant rewriting of mid-century design history.

Previous Molded Plywood Week entries: Swingline kid's furniture by Henry Glass; Creative Playthings plywood carriage; modern Sirch ply- and bentwood stroller; Muji plywood car

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