November 22, 2006

Male Contraceptive Article Ribbed For Your Pleasure

Researchers are closing in on a viable male contraceptive, but major hurdles remain: do men identify too closely with their sperm to give it up, even temporarily? Is this "share the responsibility" thing gonna fly on the dating scene? Are men so irresponsible about taking a pill that they require a patch? What's this going to do to the whole daddy-duty avoidance dynamic? What do Maxim readers really think about using condoms?

Welcome to Observer-style science reporting: bulging and throbbing with funny speculation and hypotheticals, covered in a thin-yet-strong sheath of actual research that actually enhances sensitivity. It's the article Steven Bing wishes had been written five or more years ago.

Obsessed Scientist Finally Throttles ’Em!: Non-Paternity Potion [observer]

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