November 16, 2006

Apartment Therapy Now Also Nursery Therapy

apttherapy_rocker_nyt.jpgCongratulations to Maxwell the Apartment Therapy guy and his wife Sara Kate, for scoring a big NY Times article [!] on how they successfully completed the renovation [!!] on their 265 sf apartment [!!!] before the baby [!!!!] came.

The desk-into-changing-table conversion isn't on the NYT website, but the Moses basket and the Nurseryworks rocker are. So is this all-too-true quote: "The only problem with all this is kids...She’s a ticking time bomb. She’s going to need room. We know we can’t stay here for long.” Yeah, but it's the West Village, whatryagonnado?

And Now A Baby, Too! [nyt]
See all the remodelling posts in "the 9-month cure" []
Nurseryworks Sleepytime Rocker in ecru microsuede is at DT advertiser Sparkability or Design Public


We did the desk to changing table, too. Real simple by adding casters to make it higher and mobile, and getting a changing pad that snaps onto the top of the desk.

I like the felt pad on the door for sound-proofing.

Um, call me a retard, but I just DON'T get how a couple, let alone a couple with a baby, can live in 265 square feet. I mean, I know it's possible, even families of 10 live in such small places because they don't have a choice, but why invest $20,000 in a rental that you'll be forced to move out of within a year or two instead of just moving in the first place?

One wonders about the decision to dump so much into a rental just to put off moving for a year or so. Even if they quadrupled their rent...

265 sf? Are you kidding?!

That's not even nearly enough room for the Diaper Genie to air out.

Yeah, I'm really confused about the $20k investment in a rental. Can anyone explain how that works?

[you have a

I see that I'm not alone here. I think it's amazing that they are able to share 1 closet. But, what about all the baby clothes? I'm taking bets...they won't last in this space for another 6 months when that baby starts moving and groving. Are you with me?

[the fame/genius of their apt was the entire bedroom was raised on a platform, creating massive storage. That got cut in half, though. now it's only under the bed, not under the floor. -ed.]

I realized that I needed to go through all the blog entries to really understand: WHY? I mean it looks nice and everything, but that is extremely small (and a rental too!)

but if this helps, here's the floorplan to their place:


Since the renovation was publised on the Apartment Therapy Web site – founded by Maxwell, could it be that the whiole thing was some kind of business write-off or tax- deduction. Still, $20K on a rental?

They've lived in the apt for years and have very low rent for the West Village, and I mean very low. They are planning on keeping the apt forever, or at least a very long time even once it's no longer their primary residence. Mystery solved.

[of course, if their landlord is reading this, it'll always be their primary residence, so don't go gettin' any ideas about starting eviction proceedings or anything. -ed.]

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