November 15, 2006

Ah, Jolly Good, Then. The Parenting Endgame Of UK Cradle-to-Grave Surveillance Comes Into View

Well, color me enlightened. And forgive my ignorance-fuelled disapproval from afar of the UK government's plan to create a massive database to track children, their behavio(u)r, and their caregivers from birth.

If only you had explained at the outset, Lord Adonis, that a ubiquitous surveillance society was intended to stop Britain's youths from pawning cider off of tramps and posting porn videos with their teachers' heads pasted on them to the YouTube, well, now who could object to that? Carry on, then.

Cider-peddling Tramps Spawn YouTube Hate [CNet UK via Gawker]
08/06: UK Child database: the worst form of government surveillance, including all the rest
06/06: UK Gov't Database To Get All Up In Your Kid's Biznazz

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