November 11, 2006

Q: Can They Finish The Prefab Before The Baby Comes?


Well, it's not strictly prefab, just rapidfab; but they are definitely expecting a baby.

The architect duo Linda Taalman & Alan Koch designed the iT House, a sleek, bolt-together aluminum-and-glass system, to be easy and quick to construct. Their own house in the desert of southern California is a test case for the production model. Here's the entry from Sept. 1 on their construction blog:

We got to the site in early evening with a tiny bit of rain a big breeze. In the picture, you can see that Linda is pregnant; our goal is to finish the house by the time the baby is due in late November.
The basic frame went up in a day this week, but the clock is ticking.

The iT House Blog []
iT House []
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