November 7, 2006

This Playdough Recipe Is Better Than My Mother's

I drew a line around the kid's preschool, blogcontent-wise, but I don't see any reason to keep their play dough recipe a secret. It was our turn to make the dough for class this week, and my wife cranked this stuff out yesterday morning. It's smooth and soft and firm, and much better, I have to say, than the slightly-too-dry recipe my mom sent. [Sorry, Mom!] The difference: Cream of Tartar vs Cornstarch+Alum.

3 cups flour
1.5 cups salt
3 cups water
3 T vegetable oil
6 T cream of tartar

Add food coloring [more than you might think] to water. Combine wet and dry ingredients and cook over medium heat approx. 2 minutes [or until all the dough feels warm]. Store in an air tight container.

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A friend hipped me to using KoolAid instead of food colouring to colour homemade playdough. It's more cost-effective than the food colouring, which can be quite expensive and if you have to use a lot, you'll be screwed when it comes time to make easter eggs and colourful cakes!

And, just for old time's sake: "D". :)

As a preschool teacher who makes about 2 batches of play dough a week, I can tell you that the water should be warm. It makes the play dough much smoother. Also, mix the play dough together in a bowl, not on the stovetop. Easier cleanup, and your kid can help with a great sensory exercise!

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