November 3, 2006

Wow. This Alfa Romeo 159 Wagon Rocks. And Is Coming To The US.


One of my first favorite cars was the Alfa Romeo boattail spider. And now one of my favorite Wagons I'd Think Of Buying That Will Actually Be Available In The US is the Alfa Romeo 159 Q4 Sportwagon, which is one of the models Alfa and its parent company Fiat will relaunch the marque with in 2007.

Jalopnik Nick [he's a real guy, who knew?] grabbed some spy photos in LA, though I use the term loosely, since he was obviously given a tour of the car after he properly bowed down and kissed the ring of what ever Alfa Romean was driving.

2007 Alfa 159 spotted in Los Angeles [jalopnik]
from a test driver: "beyond cupholders..." [alfabb]
official site;

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