November 2, 2006

DT Namewatch #10: Just A Sperm Donor Edition

"Funny you should ask, Honey. We named you after a woman in Canada who gave her baby away without telling the daddy" may not sit too well with the kid, but you have to admit, the name caught your attention. If you come across a name that sticks, send it--and where you heard it-- names [at] daddytypes [dot] com:

  • Oriole Bird, Canadian baby momma [via]
  • Pavel
  • Mangas
  • Rork [sorry Ayn Rand fans, it's not Roark]
  • Brock [all via anna & sergei]
  • Passion & Champagne, twin girls
  • Heaven & Naveah, twin girls [check the spelling]
  • Twina & Twinba, as in "Twin A" & "Twin B"
  • Mary Natoreous, "as in Notorious BIG" [all from annette in the nicu]
  • Greg for a girl [wow.]
  • String Bean [the mom only calls him Jeff. The dad did the paperwork while she was recovering from the C-section. both via Lex]
  • Dax, Rykker, Jarius, etc. [some dad trying to slip Star Trek names to his grandchildren, from SFGate via Finn (who makes the unusual name list twice, btw)]

    DT readers' kids' or family's names:

  • Holden [jeremy's daughter]
  • Maceo [it's on LW's list, anyway]
  • Arlo & Flyn [Lex's son & daughter]

    And in a category all his own:

  • Urhines Kendall Icy Eight Special K [pronounced, I guess, "Your Highness" via Courtney]

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