November 1, 2006

Dad Makes Life Casts Of Baby Hands, Feet, Unidentified Local Man's Abs

dad_baby_hand.jpgDad Martin Kern began Magic Custard after creating some life casts of his son's hands and feet. Now he's working that in a West London studio, in a "world-renowned Magic Custard Mobile Unit," in the Mothercare [sic] flagship, all over.

For 40 pounds or so, you can make your own casts at home while the kid's asleep, and you could then send those casts in for an upgrade, and get back a bronze, crystal [?] or sterling silver cast [?!].

None of which really explains why this unidentified local dad is having his abs cast in gold. But you know how it is: they grow so fast, and then they're gone.


The Magic Custard Company [via andy]

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