November 1, 2006

Atama Wa Dotchi? 9Brand's Cool Bilingual Picture Book

This great-looking little book is the first from 9Brand [pronounced/translated as Kyu-jirushi in Japanese], an awesome bag and soft goods maker, and writer/illustrator, Keito Seta. Atama wa Dotchi?/Which is your head? is about some kind of friendly vegetarian creature who gets picked on a lot, and so he changes into something else. I think.

The pictures are really simple and well-done, the story is in Japanese and English, something I rarely see in Japanese kids' books, and it's all about the wonders of the animal world. And it's only 900 yen, though I haven't looked into international shipping.


[9Brand also makes bags that look slightly like animals, at least in the photos; and these incredible "plush toy block sets," called the M.O.C system. It's sort of a soft Mr Potatohead with button-on parts instead of pegs&holes. I was going to rave about them first, but then I worried that the little legs and fins and stuff might be too small for a kid in the gnawing stage. Either way, the cat's out of the bag now.]

Atama wa Dotchi?/Which is your head? by Seto Keita, 900 yen [ via jeansnow]

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Looks kind of cool... I'm hunkered down in Japan for another 3-4 weeks yet so I'll have to look around for it. Not much info on the web but it looks like AssistOn in Harajuku carries it, anyway...

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