October 31, 2006

Unboxing The CARES Fly Safe Planeseat Harness

Unboxing: CARES kid's plane harness

We're getting more Engadgety [Or is it Gizmodo-y?] every day. DT reader Don has had enough of lugging that Tripleplay Sit-n-Stroll around on plane trips. [You know the one. Looks like someone ripped it out of an RV and slapped some rollerskate wheels on the bottom? Big "As Seen In SkyMall!" sticker on the box?]

So when the FAA finally realized the cheapasses in the airline industry weren't exactly jumping to save dads' backs, and that maybe it's alright for consumers to buy their own approved CARES Kids Fly Safe Harness, Don jumped.

I just uploaded his gearsite-inspired Unboxing photoset to the flickr daddytypes pool, so check it out. Meanwhile, Don's so sure of car-seat-free flying bliss, he's having his wife test the rig out first while he stays home and works.

I'm definitely staying tuned for the post-game show on this one. We've got a trip to Japan and Hong Kong coming up that will involve three planes, countless trains, and exactly ZERO cars, so I'm looking for any reason to leave the car seat home.

Unboxing: CARES Kids Fly Safe Harness photoset [flickr]
KidsFlyFor$75 at KidsFlySafe.com [kidsflysafe.com]
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So do you think that a 1.5 year old can comfortably sit in a plane seat without a carseat for a long flight? Need advice. Thanks.

[that's the big question, really. The kid sleeps and hangs out so well in her carseat, it feels like a risk. -ed.]

did don have a review of the thing? friend of mine is considering getting it. thanks!

I have used the CARES harness, and it is great. Easy to use, and moreover, it keeps your kid safe. Car seats are made for cars, not airplanes. They are never really secure in the plane. The CARES harness is. One use and you can tell. The only problem is the airlines, who are generally not familiar with it. Southwest, as always, is no problem, but we have had problems with it on other airlines, particulary Northwest. A Northwest flight attendant "allowed" us to use it, but insisted that we install it improperly, while refusing to look at the manufacturer's instructions, which we had with us. She was rude and hostile the whole time, as if trying to keep your kid safe is a real inconvenience to Northwest. Anyway, the CARES harness is approved by the FAA, and passengers have the right to use it, regardless of the airline's opinion. Always bring the manufacturer's instructions and a print out of FAA circular 120-87A (http://www.kidsflysafe.com/pdf/advisory_circular.pdf) with you.

Bottom line: a great, and overdue, product for kids 2-4 yrs old.

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