October 31, 2006

Q: NYC Hotels With Daycare?

DT reader Mark asks a question I'd never thought of before:

Do you know any hotels in NYC with daycares? My lovely wife wants to come to New York with me for work, and it would be fun for the kiddo as well, but we'd need a sitter for a few hours each day.

The kid would have way more fun in with other kids than she would with a sitter, and I wondered if you knew of any hotels with good kid centers?

I'd recommend the kid centers at my gym, Equinox, which are pretty well-run, and only cost like $10 for 2-3 hours. The only problem, of course, is that you can't leave the kid there; it's only for while you're working out.

Anyone have any ideas about this airdrop-in daycare?


I don't know of any hotels in NYC with daycare. However, there are quite a few fun day-care centers here that allow drop-in service. You might want to find a good one near a hotel.

Downtown, you could book a room at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Within a few blocks, there are several daycare centers that I believe accept drop-ins (try Washington Market, Fed Kids, and/or Buckle My Shoe)

I agree with MetroDad that your best bet is a play center that allows one day drop-offs. Try Go City Kids as a research tool.

contact the tribeca community school at www.tribecacommunityschool.com

they offer 3-hour days for day care since they follow the amazing reggio emilia philosophy. the space is amazing and we're going to be sending our child there when she hits the right age.

i believe there is the contact information on the web site. they're new and not at capacity yet so their insurance can probably cover a child there for a few hours. other schools listed here are probably operating at full capacity and usually won't take a one or two day drop off.


scratch that. tribeca community school cannot handle the drop off service.

i called them and they said that since children need to have all their health papers in order it is impossible to allow it to happen. also their insurance does not cover drop off for non-enrolled children. plus financially it is not beneficial to them to do it.

they suggested you're better off reaching out to a nanny service to come and have them take your child to an indoor play center such as kidville http://www.kidvilleny.com/

hope this helps, sorry for the confusion.


[no problem, I'll change your name so when they google you during the application process, you don't get dinged for sending thousands of tourists to them requesting a break from the Toys R Us Times Square Experience. But the point's a good one; it's not an easy business model to navigate while providing a non-shady, confidence-inducing service. -ed.]

I had this same question about a year ago, albeit when I was visiting Philly. You know, that place where all the New Yorkers are apparently moving.

Anyway, I contacted my hotel's concierge ahead of time and they provided the names and contact details of two sitter services they regularly recommended. Both were professional and convenient (in-room sitting) and one was even bonded.

In the end I didn't need either service - found a relative in the area who was willing to help out - but they seemed like reasonable options. NYC must have them too.

this might be worth a try


yeah, i don't think a lot of places do drop-off for insurance reasons. if you don't have friends who can recommend a sitter you can look at the nanny service recommendations on urbanbaby.coma nd gocitykids.com, and you can try the barnard and nyu babysitting services -- not cheap, but reliable. also, babysaway.com is available in nyc -- they'll drop off a big basket full of toys, tapes/dvds, babyproofing equipment, bouncy seat, etc. in your hotel room. i don't know anyone in the city who's used it, but i have nyc friends who regularly use it on ski trips and other vacations and love it.

He should call the hotel he is interested in and see what they offer as far as childcare services. Many hotels have relationships with babysitting services and can help arrange childcare

I can only imagine that daycare in a New York City hotel would cost as much as a car.

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