October 25, 2006

Nice Timing: Creative Playthings Puppets On eBay, Too

First, the puppet bad news: When I linked to that Creative Playthings Puppet Theater yesterday, I thought, wouldn't it be nice if there were some puppets, too?

Unfortunately, the only famous, creepy, CP vinyl puppets at the moment were so brittle, the seller didn't want to take them off the beer bottles that had been shoved into them [very classy]. And besides, they're from 1955.


But then this morning, a set of colorful vintage Creative Playthings finger puppets turned up, with a box, from 1969, the same time frame as the theater. Of course, they look like scraps of old kitchen curtains , but I guess that's the creative part.

If you don't win, though, no sweat: you can just shove some fabric scraps into some wooden drawer pulls and draw some eyes on with a Sharpie. You know, get creative with your playthings.

Vintage 1969 Creative Playthings Wood Finger Puppets, $8+7.50s/h, ends 10/31 [ebay]
Previously: CP Pupped Theater on eBay looks like Laugh-In
BRAINS. Creative Playthings Latex Puppets Must Eat BRAINS.

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You can sometimes get those little wooden puppets at Daily 235 on Elizabeth St. They aren't CP-branded, but are the same, made in Czechslovakia, and pretty cute. We've bought a few boxes there, $15 a set I think.

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