October 25, 2006

iXs Navirobo GPS Teddy Bear Looks Like He Got Capped


This GPS teddy bear waves its paws to tell you the direction to your destination. And when you miss a turn, it mocks you.

And when it mocks someone with a handgun, he shoots it in the forehead. [Wait, when did they get handguns in Japan?]

According to Kawasaki-based manufacturer iXs Research, this kind of robot assisted "motion media" is meant to augment existing audiovisual modes of navigation assistance. I guess if it's even 10% less annoying than that voice in the Hertz Neverlost system ["Right. Turn. A. PROACHING."], it'll be a winner. iXs is demo'ing the thing Nov 3-4 at the Kawasaki Jitaku Koen [Home Park].

Navirobo GPS Teddy Bear Prototype [my dad saw it on cnet, who got it from engadget, who had the same right-between-the-eyes punchline, sigh]
"Navigate by motion: Navirobo" [ixs.co.jp]

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