October 23, 2006

DT Namewatch #8: Pig Princess

Here are some interesting names that have leaped across the theater of my mind. You hear of any name prodigies out there, you send them to names [at] daddytypes [dot] com, aight?:

  • Saxon Marie [via chris]
  • Niklas [via david]
  • Nico [via inbox]
  • Breck
  • Tirani (pronounced "tyranny")
  • Mecca [whoa]
  • Mattenai
  • Portia [all via ashley]
  • Twila Thornburg, 89th annual Muncie Fair Pig Princess
  • Twyla Tharp, thought the 'y' would "look better on a marquee"
  • Twanette Tharp, sister
  • Lecile Tharp, "also known by her children as Lethal" [all via nyt mag]

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