October 22, 2006

Swedish Or Not, DT Advertisers Are Tall, Beautiful, And Have Something For You

If you'll put the revealing investigative report on America's obsession with porn on mute for a second, I'd like to make a quick shoutout to Daddy Types' advertisers, two three [dude!] of which are from Sweden, and none of which are kittens:

  • Our Children's Gorilla, the Swedish magic shop that creates awesome toys, products, and furniture inspired by childrens' imagination.
  • Vincent Shoes: the answer to that whole "It's so hard to find cool kid's shoes!" thing used to be "Sweden, duh." Now Sweden has come to US.
  • Trendy Tadpole, purveyor of clothing for kids who are even cooler than their parents. Must've been a recessive gene.
  • Sparkability, who's selling better things for kids that also happen to be better looking, better designed, and better functioning, too, like that sweet Micralite Stroller the UK's so hot for.
  • Pee & Poo, I know what you're thinking but it's actually Swedish for adorable!. Oh, and it's also pee & poo. In plush form. And here, I thought animated Japanese tigers had this market cornered.
  • CNN's Glenn Beck, who switches from covering America's obsession with porn to the upcoming elections. Viewers in PA, FL, and NV don't notice the difference.

    If you've got something new dads should know about, or if you're Swedish, consider advertising on daddytypes.com.

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