October 21, 2006

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Arrested Development Fake Pregnancy Belly On eBay


Though it is neither Swedish nor a kitten [nor a penetrating (sic) expose' into America's addiction to porn], the flesh-toned latex pregnancy belly and bust worn by Julia Louis-Dreyfus during season 2 of Arrested Development has attracted considerable interest on eBay: 35 bids so far, with three days to go.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - FAKE PREGNANCY BELLY PROP W/COA, currently $167, bidding ends Oct 24. [ebay via fimoculous]
"Out on a Limb" episode synopsis [wikipedia]


Gee...just in time for halloween...

that's not freaking true
why are you doing this i mean
do you have a real job besides this??!!!!

hey freak, it took you longer to search for this and comment on it than it took me to post about it 2.5 years ago. Don't you have a real job?

ha ha...

I was looking for a doppelganger for a friend of mine to post to facebook so I googled Julie Louise Dreyfus and this was one of the top 5 pics.

I have a real job.

wait, you mean clawing my way to the top of of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Google results isn't a real job, but Googling her nude pix all day is?

I'd say Greg actually you are the person who needs to get out of the house. The fact you would take the time to respond to someone's stupid comment 2+ years later shows you have little to no life. Maybe you should reconsider the arrogant egotistical persona you use on the internet, as it is quite childish. Secondly, if you search ONLY her name in Google it finds this picture, also there isn't any nude pics of her unless you sign up at Mr. Skin. PWNT? I think so.

this is too funny!!!

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