October 20, 2006

Unidentified Local Object Actually First Orbit Baby Car Seat Spotted In The Wild


Daddy Types has confirmed that what was mistakenly identified in early reports as "that crock pot" and "something," turns out to be the first known sighting in the wild of an Orbit Baby Travel System.

The incident occurred this week in a hamlet on a small island off the coast of the United States, where a local woodsman was seen effortlessly transferring his newborn baby from his car [apparently a "sporty-looking" Audi] to his cabin.

No other information is available at this time. Except that if the Orbit takes off [no pun, I swear], that all-enclosing canopy means lean times ahead for baby photo-snapping street photographers. [images: justjared via trent]

You can spot--and buy--an Orbit of your own at DT's lovely advertiser, EliteCarSeats.com.


Yeah, lol I saw the "crockpot" comment.
But what's funny is that it almost does look like he's carrying some sort of fancy crockpot or something... it seems very awkward and, well, huge. Also with that strange looking coverall contraption it doesn't appear that one could actually use the handles. You saw this thing right? Was it really that big and bulky?

Don't they advertise this thing as going from car seat to stroller to stove top?

thats peter sarsgaard the father of maggie gyllenhaals baby

with the most confusing hyphenated last name on earth

[nice vowel placement, though, om, congrats. -ed.]

*rolls his eyes*

Whatever happened to the Fisher Price Stay In View Childseat? The thing was cheesy and ugly, but I love the shoulder strap. We had to borryow once years ago and it was the slickest thing for quick trips into the grocery store. I don't think there is any infant seat on the market right now that has a really user-friendly carrying set-up. Can somebody put the DT Applied Sciences Division to work on this problem??? Maybe make the seats lighter, and put a shoulder strap on them?

[I have had a design in my head--where it is perfect, btw--for about 6 yrs, well before the kid came along. I am constantly amazed that no one has figured it out yet, either. The Orbit's handle setup is pretty sweet, though, simple and flexible, kind of ingenious, even. -ed.]

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