October 20, 2006

Belgian Design Fair Whips Up Baby Holding Pen


What to do with all the kids who might descend on Kortrijk for Interieur06, Belgian's national contemporary furniture and design expo? Easy.

Just grab some plywood and some kid-sized product from the exhibitors, add a thin cushion somewhere, scatter some crayons about--don't forget to dangle an electrical cord within easy reach--and you can hack together a vaguely Koolhaas-meets-Ikea play area/holding pen in no time.

FYI, those laminated foam mats folded into vaguely animal shapes are Animools by Feek. The Panton-lookin' chair is eluding me at the moment. [why can't I find it again?] That little green puppy is Eero Aarnio for Magis, and that yellow rocking slug is the Pippocampus, or Pippo for short.

See DesignNWS for more extensive coverage of Interieur06

1 Comment

And who makes the electrical cord?

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