October 19, 2006

Pat Robertson And Friends Coloring Book Provides Quaint, Toothless Entertainment


As political jiujitsu goes, the release of Kevin Stone's Pat Robertson And Friends Coloring Book couldn't be less threatening to its targets. Robertson seems washed up to me, a slightly stale punchline for a liberal standup routine.

Not that the coloring book isn't funny in spots: the whole "Robertson can leg press 2,000 pounds" bit, for example, reminds me of that dork from Yale whose video CV showed him "benchpressing" 500 lbs. [Actually, it shows his three musclebound spotters straining as they "help," but self-delusion is part of the package.]

Pat Robertson And Friends Coloring Book, $8.95 [garrett county press via kottke]

1 Comment

if the coloring book itself doesn't have teeth, it certainly inspires toothiness. check out the book "colored in" at Powells.

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