October 18, 2006

DT Namewatch #6: From The "Underground"

Hear any interesting and/or underground names recently? Send them all--except ESPN [pronounced Espen, ps: sorry, Kaz], that's just not credible--to names [at] daddytypes [dot] com:

  • J.J. Clay Redick [via deadspin: "as a toddler because his twin sisters each repeated his original nickname of 'J'...got middle name of Clay because his father is a stoneware potter"]
  • Hido [ibid., short for Hidayet]
  • Tajh [ibid., unfortunately fell out a window]
  • Scoop Jackson [via deadspin]
  • Ugueth [via deadspin, last one]
  • Jawdn ["Yes, that's how it's supposed to be spelt." Probably Persian, via anonymous preschooler's parent]
  • Ransom [not Branson as originally thought via naomi]
  • Booker Herron [poetspawn via scott]
  • Ashby [family name, via terry]
  • Whizdom [now-classic via marc]
  • Rasine Linh ["ray-seen lynn," somehow managing to cover the Polish, Scot, Irish AND Vietnamese heritage bases while still sounding nice, via ryan]

    Just saw Katrin


    Now those are some wild names...
    but J.J. Reddick...
    John Clay Reddick according to the name they called when he graduated with my brother last year (nicknamed J.J. by his sisters)... call me crazy, but I'm just not seeing it. (even if his middle name came from unique circumstances, isn't it at least still a name?) not much underground about it.

    [underground is a reference to deadspin.com, sort of an inside joke. Inside ESPN, anyway, which banned their on-air talent from crediting the "underground" website for any news. That said, naming your kid Clay because you're a potter? That's a bit off the beaten path. -ed.]

    ESPN was really chosen for several children's names over the last couple of years...


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