October 16, 2006

Daddy Types Thanks Its Advertisers, Only One Of Which Is Into Porn


A big shoutout to the advertisers here [or >> there >>, depending on how you read this] on Daddy Types, who provide amazing, essential products and information for new parents--and the occasional "expose'" on porn. Go figure:

  • EliteCarSeats.com, which features a wide range of devices covered with straps and belts.
  • Sparkability, which features better things for kids, including a very nice rack...what, it's for drying bottles!
  • Vincent Shoes which--well, they're just awesome, play-friendly, and fashionable kids' shoes. But their founders are Swedish, which really gets some people going.
  • And CNN--yes, the "THIS. Is CNN." CNN--which is making its most direct attempt to lure Republican viewers back from FoxNews with Glenn Beck's long, hard investigative romp into the nether regions of "America's Addiction" to porn.

    If you have a [non-porn-related] product, service, event, store, or fearless media endeavor that new dads should now about, advertise it on daddytypes.com. And if you have a barely pixellated ratings ploy disguised as news when there's a freakin' election going on, and nuclear armageddon around the corner--oh hell, I guess we'll take that, too. I'm gonna go take a show--oh wait, now even that sounds dirty.


    Dude, I'm clicking through just to help you out so you get paid......

    [yeah, that was my excuse, too -ed.]

    Well, they've already driven sensible people away with their Ann Coulter love-fest in Time Magazine, they might as well start courting conservatives.

    Just for the record - I wasn't complaining, only pointing it out for the humor aspect.

    BTW, just noticed my square banner. Nice! Thanks! To quote Navin R Johnson, "Things are going to start happening to me, today."

    I actually have a new one that's better; it's an ultrasound of Twin B's head touching Twin A's butt. Truly a laugh riot. I'll send it to you soon.

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