October 14, 2006

You Can Rearrange These Tangram Shelves A Million Ways. If You Really Want To.


Sure, you could rearrange these cool-looking Tangram shelves. But I bet you a dollar you won't.

You actually think with a kid rolling around on the floor, you'll have enough free time to precision-rehang seven oddly shaped shelves purely for your own amusement? Why, that's almost as crazy as thinking you can patent on a design. That's at least 200 years old. Good luck with that.

"Tangram, Design Daniele Lago, 2002, Patented product."
[lago.it via umm... probably cribcandy]

1 Comment

Man, how freakin cool are those? So does patented mean you can't make them yourself, or just that you can't sell them...?

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