October 13, 2006

Daddy Tattoos...His Kid's Handprint On His Back


Along with this picture, DT reader Tom sent in a bit of the backstory, so to speak, for his new ink, which he got to commemorate the completion of their two-partner adoption of their daughter. With a tatoo this sweet, I don't know when Tom'll ever wear his Daddy Type t-shirt:

I got a tattoo of my daughter's hand
print on my back. I put the quote ANCORA IMPARO underneath, which is
Italian for "I am still learning." Those were Michelangelo's alleged last words, and as an artist and a teacher, I found the words to be pretty significant. Add in being a new Dad, and well, that says it all.

I saw the tattoo that you featured on your blog a few months back, the one with the kid's hand prints on the guy's back, and that inspired me to combine the two elements together into one tattoo.

It was a total ordeal getting her handprint in my sketchbook for the tattoo artist to copy. Two grown men wrestling with a 10 month old. Add an ink pad and black ink, and well, it was a mess. But we did get a good print and Bill, the tattoo guy, did a great job copying it.

Congratulations all around and nice work. It's been a few months since we've seen any new dadtats out there. Anyone else seen--or gotten--some new ink?

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I am so sick of Eames and Saarinen and Knoll and Mid Century crap. I'm selling all of it, except my modern kids furniture, and going shabby chic (just kidding).

[Do we need to have some posts about keeping your dried hydrangea arrangements safe during the learning-to-walk stage? -ed.]

Didn't I mention my new dadtat? I got a bugaboo stenciled on my ass. It's hardcore, dude.

In all seriousness, I love DT Reader Tom's tattoo. I think it's f*cking awesome! And I love how he personalized it with Michelangelo's last words. Rock on, Tom.

[I've been waiting to see a Bugaboo tattoo someday. Had I known it was on our ass, I would've bought you a few more rounds... -ed.]

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