October 12, 2006

One Rejected Slogan: "How Mother Picked Up Baby [And Swung Him While She Was Drunk]"


Wait, now was the Greatest Generation the one who fed their babies beer, or did the beer-fed ones go on to give birth to the Greatest Generation?

Either way, a case of Blatz beer in the house certainly does mean much to the young mother. Some doctors [and some websites with "dr" in the title, even] recommend a beer or a glass of wine to help ease breastfeeding.

Also, it gives her 24 more things to reach for before she throws her kid at her baby daddy. [via the hit-the-ground-running Dethroner]


During the hours after drinking alcohol, prolactin levels rose by 336 percent and oxytocin levels fell by an average of 78 percent.1

The fall in oxytocin meant that the mothers took longer to produce the first drop of milk and released less milk.1

But the rise in prolactin may have given the mothers a feeling of breast fullness.1


Oh yes, there's a picture of my mother in the hospital when she gave birth to me. She's holding a can of Michelob in her hand. It has a prescription label on it. She said they gave her the "prescription" for that very reason!

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