October 11, 2006

Introducing DT Namewatch

I hear and read unusual and interesting names all the time that make me go "hmm." And even if they don't get added to the shortlist on our mental fridge, maybe they'll spark someone else's naming imagination. So it is with great pleasure and little fanfare that we inaugurate the Daddy Types Namewatch [tm]. Send your own name tips to names at daddytypes dot com:

  • Jeziah Robertson, Dakotarome Paul [nymag]
  • Chablis Quarterman [nyt]
  • Chytoria [goerie.com]
  • Caro, Clare [makezine]


    At daycare/in our neighborhood there are the following kids with interesting names...
    Acadia (girl)
    Nectar (girl)
    Nubian (boy)
    Markenzie (boy)

    In honor of a fallen brother: Stepheniece (girl). That's "Stephen's niece." That's one of my all-time favorites.

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