October 10, 2006

Nurseryworkin' It: Sparkability Now Rocking 50% Off On Final Stock

A few weeks back, pioneering kids design purveyor [and DT advertiser] Sparkability took on a shipment of Nurseryworks furniture in discontinued color/finish combinations, and started selling the lot for 30% off.

Well, now, with [by my count] six cribs, three bookcases, two toyboxes and a single changing table/dresser to go, they're marking the whole shebang down again. At 50% off, it's practically like getting your nursery furniture free with shipping [which, for these giant casework pieces, is $300... groundshipping, alas, almost never goes on sale.]

Sparkability's Everything [From Last Season's Nurseryworks Collection] Must Go! 50% off sale [sparkability.net]

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