October 10, 2006

Ford Motor Company And/Or Subsidiaries Care About New Families.

Two items from Jalopnik today show the deep and abiding love the Ford Motor Company has for you, the new families of America:

  • Spyshots of the new Volvo V70 wagon: Or, the new families of Sweden, whatever, same difference.
  • The child-free Jonny Lieberman's review of the new Mazda CX-7 crossover is harsh on a lot of points but gives it high marks overall: "All of my friends with young families will be hearing about it; Mazda's crossover might be the ideal vehicle for making 3:00 am Huggies runs."
  • With an awesome s-s-s-something from the comments: "Interior space is great for us, given that we are Asian [?]...It is still one of the best young family car you can get on the market."

    There you have it.


    It looks like a big V50; I'm not surprised, just bored. I miss the "boxy but good" days.

    [yeah, I'm pretty underwhelmed myself, but how often do you hear about station wagon spyshots? -ed]

    I'm a fan of the S40/V50 but this thing looks boring... the V50 works because it's kind of short and stubby so it looks a bit unique, especially with the massive 18" wheels on the sport package.

    As for the CX-7, maybe I can pick one up cheap from that cargo ship that rolled over on its side on the way here from Japan loaded with Mazda 3 and CX-7s. I just read that Mazda will sell the contents of the ship as used with a full new car warranty in Canada...

    Should my hopes for a V70R with a 6 speed manual transmission and the rolicking, 311 hp, Yamaha V8 in the S80 and XC90 be raised?

    Probably not.

    Have to say, though, the current V70R makes an incredible used car bargain--the depreciation on those cars is like the Demon Drop at Cedar Point, only without the soft landing.

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