October 8, 2006

Hand-Knit Cranky Pants. Cranky Pants? What Are Cranky Pants?


If I had hand-knit pants this awesome when I was a little baby, I'd be calling them Happy Pants. I mean, what could be happier than a pair of pants knit just for you from super-soft, merino wool, that look like a sock monkey, a jack o'lantern, a pirate flag, or a googly-eyed green monster? OK, if you want to get picky, those last ones might be Scary Pants, but still.

knitter/artist Amy Kett's Cranky Pants are $60-70, hustle for Holiday 2006 [mahardrygoods.com]
And check out Ms Cranky Pants' own site for custom orders and other handknit goodness [crankypantshome.com]

1 Comment

I thought these pants were awesome, too. The largest size is 18-24, which would probably fit my runty 32 month old for a little while but I can't really justify it... I wish they came in my size. My husband is probably glad they don't.

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