October 6, 2006

The BuggyPod Is A Sidecar For Your Stroller.

buggypod.jpgEver since [1] I saw Bedknobs & Broomsticks, I wanted a motorcycle with a sidecar.

Which is why I'm so stoked about the BuggyPod, a detachable stroller side-car that clamps easily [we're waiting for the tests to come back on that one] right onto the side of your current stroller [2] to enable your up-to-15kg kid to ride along.

Don't be fooled, though; this is no mere stroller accessory. The BuggyPod is possibly the most life-affirming, symbolic, and important stroller accessory you'll ever buy. Short of a minivan and a sixteen-week session at one of those Outward Bound deals, it may be the most defining purchase of your parenting life, as one focus group member hints at:

'There's definitely a market for people like me who have spent a lot on a three wheeler and think 'no way am I going to spend a whole load on a new double buggy' when number two comes along and you're more strapped for cash anyway because one of you has given up work!'
All this for only 80 pounds, awesome sedan chair-like sunshade and rain cover not included.

BuggyPod: the clip-on sidecar for your buggy [buggypod.com via dt reader angela, who also sent along this decidedly candid photo she snapped at some playground.] [1] And by "ever since," I guess I really mean, "for several minutes after watching." [2] offer not valid for Bugaboos, Phil&Teds, Stokkes, Mutsys, and a whole slew of rigs the BuggyPod folks prefer to call "differently abled." They say that, while it won't fold flush, it will fit on a Mt Buggy double or triple, if you don't mind being the freakin' Plow King as you go down the sidewalk.


Just had a look at the differently abled list. Based on the exclusions, I don't think I'll be seeing too many BuggyPods in Laurel Heights or Noe Valley. For better or worse, this is Bug country. (I'm a Buzz man, myself, and thus also differently abled.)

That is a very cool add on, but I fear a size restriction. Have you seen the bibiĀ® Swiss Strolli Rider?

Now that looks like a monster! Maybe I'll ride it.

i just want to know where i can buy one... in dollars not euros!?

Hello I am interested in the Buggy Pod - the clip-on sidecar , but will it work with my ( Graco DUO Glider ) stroller.

how do i get one in the states?

the BuggyPod is now available in the USA at www.themegababies.com or send a request to buggypodusa@gmail.com and soon you will be able to find additional information at www.buggypodusa.com

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