October 3, 2006

Write What You Know: The Read-A-Mat Constellation Placemat


A few months ago on a visit to the NASA Gift Shop, the kid picked this placemat out all by herself [gee, never heard that before]. It's from Read A Mat, and it's got an accurate--and almost thoroughly impenetrable--set of constellation maps on it.

All this time, we thought the kid wasn't really getting anything from the placemat, that it was enough that she knew they were stars [which you can't see in the city anyway, even if you weren't going to bed at 8], like the ones her mommy studies.

Then this morning, she surprised us with this story about Sagittarius [on the upper left] and Lepus [lower right]:

This is a mommy carrying a banana to this baby bunny
and she will give it to the baby bunny
and she'll open the things and it won't be black
and the baby bunny will gobble it all up
and the baby bunny will give the peel to the mommy
adn she will put it in the sink
and that will be a great idea.
Constellations Read A Mat, $6 [thespacestore.com]

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