October 3, 2006

Three Cool Rockers May Be Slightly Useless For Parents

While trying to track down that Roller Buggy, I came across photos from the rocking chair zone at 100% East at the London Design Festival. They may only be marginally practical for rocking a colicky baby to sleep--and then transferring him successfully to the bed--but they're sure great to look at:

Design Sojourn got clean shots of German design duo OS2's two rocker options, the can't-get-any-lower, foam-covered, trademark lawsuit-baiting Pringle, and the Little Rocker, which is stamped out of black MDF and upholstered with "cell india rubber," a term of art that's used to describe--this chair and not much else, really, except an anti-slip pad for a saddle.
Meanwhile, in the next booth over, British "bespoke" furnituremaker Jafor was showing the Big-small, a chair that can be configured with a rocker base and an underseat magazine bin--or see if they can make it shallow enough to hold boardbooks. This, the most practical-looking, is also going to be the most expensive. And since it's made to order, it'll require the longest leadtime.

OS2 Design Group website
Jafor Design website [flash]
Design Sojourn's 100% East photoset [flickr]

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