October 3, 2006

Sweet Japanese Stroller-Bako Wagon


Check this out: Keruna snapped a photo of this daycare center special in Kurashiki in southern Japan. It's an aluminum-framed stroller-bako*/wagon with big Bugaboo-style tires and wheels, with a handbrake, and light cloth side panels. No matcha cupholders, I'm afraid, but otherwise, this is a mighty fine-looking rig.

And dig the hats with the little flaps. I remember wearing one of those when I got my first pair of Vans.

As always, if anyone has any brand or make/model info on this rig, please chime in.

All Aboard! [keruna's photos on flickr]
* bako, pronounced bah-koh, means box. If it stands alone, without a conjunction/word preceding it, you use the original pronunciation, hako.

1 Comment

Although the wheels look a little different from what they have on their website, it looks similar to those giant "baby cars" maufactured by Isohata Kogyo: http://www.isohata-swan.co.jp/hand.html

You can buy one through Rakuten

[it looks like the one called "Big Egg Open Type," just minus the canopies. thanks -ed.]

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