October 2, 2006

VW Ads Take Aim, Don't Care If The Seat Gets Wet




I was researching some more HPCIA, when I came across these two print ads for the 2005 VW Golf GTi. Not sure which is more controversial at the moment: that the Playboy magazine next to the potty below doesn't have a pregnant woman on the cover, or that a Norwegian school board is planning to ban peeing standing up.

VW Golf GTi ads: "For boys who were always men"
[daddytypes on flickr via germancarblog]
Urination will go to committee [aftenposten.no via boingboing, I think]


This right here is why I detest car ads. I can't tell you how many ads I see on tv and in magazines that leave me saying "what the heck was that about?"
This is a good example.

Frankly, I can't stop admiring the quantity of pee in the potty.

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