September 30, 2006

Octonauts: Hello, Kirky!


I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain, but the nerd flux inhibitor's at a hundred and ten percent! I don't know how long I canna hold'er together!

While it appears as a deceptively cute children's book, possibly spun off of a small indie collection of vinyl toys, turns out--just like V'Ger--to possess the power to destroy the universe if it's not handled properly.

The Octonauts & The Only Lonely Monster tells the ocean-roaming adventures of "a crew of adorable animals ...including a valiant polar bear, daredevil kitten, and big-hearted penguin..." It is by Meomi, a design collaborative based in LA and Vancouver, and it looks great, with super-cool, beautiful illustrations.

So what's the problem? The Octonauts "Combin[es] the appeal of Hello Kitty with the spirit of Star Trek..." Wait, stop right there. Even the greenest freshman at Starfleet can tell you that letting Hello Kitty come into direct contact with Trek will cause a breach in otaku subspace, and will flood the entire quadrant with kawaii particles.

The Octonauts is so devastating, it makes The Tribbles Pandemic look about as scary as a pom pom-tipped pen. And yet, it's inhabiting our space-time continuum--at Yoyamart--with no apparent disastrous effects. Except for getting me into exposing my Warp 10 dorkiness.

The Octonauts site
The Octonauts is on sale now at Yoyamart or someday in November on Amazon.


that cover looks an aweful lot like at Tintin cover. The one called "Red Rackham's Treasure". Total theft.

[homage? inspiration? reference? maybe. similar concept? definitely. but total theft? no way. -ed]

I really like Meomi's style and totally agree with the Ed. If you can't do a fresh spin on a fish submarine, then we all gotta get out of the rinse cycle. Thanks for calling on hands on deck on this one - I gotta grab a copy for me (not my kid!).

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