September 29, 2006

Look! It's Bugfoot! Mysterious Bugaboo With Bears


A DT reader with a sharp eye and a blurry phonecam [stop fighting it, buddy, just get the upgrade] sent in this photo of a Bugaboo covered in bears: least they looked like bears. I was in a cab on Houston St and couldn't exactly stop and ask her to pose...the fabric looked shiny, like nylon...definitely not the normal Frog fabric...
First off, the proper procedure in such a case as this is to shout suddenly, "Stop the car!!" And throw open the door while the cab's still rolling. And I'm sure that if you jump in front of this woman and start snapping pictures of her stroller--please be considerate of the baby, of course--she'll be frozen in place, and you'll be able to get off at least 3-4 clear shots and jump back into the cab before she even knows what happened.

Meanwhile, what is up with a bear-print fabric Bugaboo? Anyone? Does this mean there's a pattern for making your own Bugaboo seat covers and canopies floating around? [C-A-L-L M-E]


Or is this a secret David Netto edition of the Bugaboo By? And if it is, does this mean that white Smurfaboo is being retired? Because let's face it, it's been a couple of years now...
See, Netto's got a polar bear logo on some products, like the Cub Sleeper Crib, $525 for pre-order at egiggle []

update: as several people mentioned below, this is most likely an aftermarket Bugaboo cover. There are frequently Bugaboo seat covers with and without canopies sold on eBay from folks like Mamala, who charges around $200 for the set.


yes, you can get custom covers done. see

she has lots of dots, stripes, retro prints. she also does britax covers. :)

I have seen somewhere on the net a pic of a bugaboo frog that had green fabric with elephants all over it.. Very much like the cover above. Fabric looked cottony...

For the traditionalists among us, check out:

Black and white toile with pink, from Mama-La, but on eBay. Only $199. (Maybe it's time to break out the old Singer . . .)

I just saw this black & white bears Bugaboo cover at the TriBeCa Film Festival's Family Festival last Saturday. I tried to find a logo, but could only make out something that looked like "Delight...(something-something)" in script. I'm still in the market for some unique Bugaboo Cover that looks professional, not like an 8th grade Home Ec project.

Hi, I am no hollywood star, but I must say I am a mum who is "bugaboo" crazy. I have 3 gorgeous children and with each child I have sold my bugaboo to push a different colour to suit my Boy or girls. Besides having Pink, Beige, Blue and blak canopy covers. I finally thought I setteled when I got my bugaboo custom made with authentic gucci canvas.
It was stylish & diffrent, but Realistically not practical as kids will always make a mess. I sold it 5 months later and made $2000, so I was not the least concerned. After pushing a posh Bugaboo I now push a all biege bugaboo cameleon with a simple Koeka cover. Made in the Netherlands, Koeka is best known for its signature, high-quality terrycloth pieces in vibrant colours and fun shapes. It does an excellent job protecting the bugaboo but also very comfortable for babies. It is machine washable and comes off very easily. visit you will be sure to love what you see.I brought this overseas as I am travelling, but have never seen it on another bugaboo.
I am a mum who thinks every cent spent on a bugaboo is worth while. If you are one who looks at style, comfort and safety a Bugaboo is for you.

although your original blog entry is dated sept 2006, i thought i'd message in to let you know that there is a woman here in the UK who supplies custom made covers and footmuffs for the bugaboo bee - prices quoted on request depending on your choice of fabric. see

has anyone checked out
they have gorgeous prints, sophisticated and posh!
it's just a canopy so your bug still maintains its original style but they fabrics are GORGEOUS!

I have been to all of the websites, Koeka, Bonnebonnets, and I have to say, none of the canopies/covers that they make are professional looking. I purchased a Mama-La cover for my bugaboo and it ROCKS! It is so tailored looking as if it we meant to be sold with the Bugaboo. I get so many compliments on it. Plus their designs are contemporary, none of this frou-frou stuff that masquerades the fact that it is a Bugaboo. Mama-La is $130 for the set, and Bonnebonets charges $95 just for the canopy! My top pick and top pick of my friends is Mama-La. They were the first to the scene, and put out the best product on the market. is where I purchased mine.

I have been making cameleon, Frog and Gecko covers since March 2007, you obviously haven't been to my website, My seat cover/liner and hoods are $120 including postage to the USA, I also make for the Bug Bee, and Mountain Buggy, no one else makes the hoods like I do with the internal rods in

Web address is

I didn't want to ay anything, but since you bring it up...

right before I posted this Bugaboo question in 2006, I traveled forward in time to the second Obama administration to check out your site, but by then, you'd built a giant Poshbugs factory in Chengdu.

Hi! Check out
they will custom make the canopy and seat liner with fabric that you choose...or fabric they have in stock which is veryyy unique! Email them for info! THey also make custom Britax car covers!

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