September 27, 2006

This Week In Precocious Children News

4-year old sure plays a mean pinball set of drums. [youtube via eric] 3-year old London boy buy-it-now!s a pink car on eBay. Had it been a less Barbie shade of pink, his dad wouldn't have minded. [chi sun-times...
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Gastroschisis And Omphalocele Turn Out To Be Quite Different

The death of Rev. Run's daughter soon after her delivery by C-section last week might tee up debates somewhere about reality television and what point you stop the cameras--and about the ethics of hyping a show around a celebrity pregnancy...
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Anna Nicole Has Two Baby Daddies

And one of them is her lawyer. The other is the friend-with-benefits who was told early on that he was the father. This important news brought to you courtesy of Larry King and Gawker. I suspect this will be the...
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Scientists To Dads: Pick The Right Week To Give Up Snorting Paint Thinner

Researchers in the Netherlands and Canada found that men who were regularly exposed to airborne paint solvents--they studied painters--in the three months before their partners got pregnant were six times more likely to have a kid with a congenital malformation...
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