September 26, 2006

VW's Cross Golf Will Not Cross Atlantic

Does it dull the pain to see that Ford's not alone in depriving the US market of its more interesting and promising-looking family-savvy cars?

Does it help knowing that the Mercedes B-Class made it as far as Windsor, but not quite into Detroit? To Niagara Falls, but only to the side that's not a ghost town?


Does it help drown out the angry voices in your head to know that VW is only planning to introduce this high-roof, AWD version of the new Golf, dubbed the Cross Golf, only in Europe?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Der Luftblasewagen: Volkswagen Reveals High-Roof Cross Golf
Previously: have you drooled over a Ford Mondeo Concept Wagon lately?


Oh, just spend the $40k and get the A3. Er, maybe not. This reminds me a little bit of the A2, another sweet car (actually a much, much sweeter car) we didn't get.

[ah, the a2. a bit ahead of its time, or almost brilliant, or something slightly off. it should've been a great car. -ed.]

Looks more like a VW version of the Pontiac Vibe or Toyota Matrix. Take away the roof rails and you have a Dodge Caliber.

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