September 26, 2006

Only Gay Dads In The Village Post Family Picture Online


I felt bad that I wasn't coming across many things to post for the 'gay dads' category lately, but now I realize it was because I wasn't surfing Gaydar, the British gay personals site.

The Daily Mail was, though, and they helpfully reported on the uproar [the tally so far: seven commenters, two rent-a-quote experts--where will it stop??] when some gay dads--two dads, and the three kids [the first surrogate kids in the UK, apparently.]--in rural Essex used Gaydar to meet other gay families--by posting a picture of their own family online.

See, as Michele Elliott, of Kidscape, explains to the paper,

"These men are being very foolish. Whether you are gay, or heterosexual, you should not put children's pictures on the web. This is asking for trouble...
Ahh, so that's what this furor's all about. [image credit: The Daily Mail website]

In other important news, the twins are named Saffron and Aspen; the youngest is Orlando. Also, now we finally know who's been buying Burberry baby clothes.

Anger as gay fathers post pictures of their children on dating site [ via towleroad]


In other top stories on the Daily Mail's web site:

Pictures of a two-year old girl

Pictures of other daddies and their babies: including, gasp, Tony Blair's spawn.

PS: Daddytypes's "remember personal info" doesn't actually remember anything.

[yeah, well, if it did, it would probably post it on the front of the Daily Mail, so count yourself lucky. I need a server overhaul, oy. -ed.]

That kid in the middle is Chav-tastic.

[lol, great call, that is one of the greatest wikipedia articles I've ever read. Nothing funnier than a slightly dry discussion of controversial pop culture: "The Burberry clothing brand, which quickly became synonymous with the 'chav' subculture, ceased production of its branded baseball cap in 2004, in an attempt to distance itself from the stereotype. They also scaled back the use of their patented chequered/tartan design to such an extent that it now only appears on the inner linings and other very low key positions of their clothing." And all over their baby clothes. -ed.]

Yes, first I would like to state that my father is gay as well. It is my strict belief that homosexuality is hereditary, and that I too will eventually become a gay father myself. I wish all gays and their like to live in the gayest ways possible (literally and metaphorically). In closing I want to say that I love my father, and my life partner James Call! Oh Yeah, also I love my poodle Chauncey! ;) JTT

[congratulations, especially since strict beliefs have worked out so well for the gays=choice/lifestyle/sinner crowd. -ed.]

"there are some disturbed people who could alter the images and use them in a very unpleasant way" well in that case all images, audio, video and text should be removed from the internet and we can only view various colours from the colour spectrum. I mean, You could alter ANYTHING and use it in an unpleasant way. Advertising fun and friendship doesn't necessarily mean sex. Maybe, just maybe, they want to meet other homosexual people for friendships, and the best friendships are fun ones after all.

I can see why it is innapropriate yes for the children to be on such a site, but not to this great extent. If the parents put the picture on Facebook or MySpace, it wouldn't be such a big deal. It's not as though anything IN the picture is innapropriate. And I agree with Tessa Boo that the exploitation of these children in the media is alot worse.

This is nothing more than a malicious act to defame gays and to attack gay rights.

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