September 26, 2006

Nice Felterhosen: Mod Baby Swing From Austria


I'm trying to remember which magazine I saw these heavy felt baby swings from Austrian design firm Mohr Polster in; It was either in the launch issue of Cookie or that issue of Dwell where the entire editorial staff suddenly gave birth and filled the magazine with kidgear. Anyway, yesterday DT reader Shana mentioned it again for the first time.

Anyway, these felt and bungee [I'm guessing] rigs come in a whole range of colors, and they're supposed to be good for up to 14kg. Offhand, I'd say the high, safety-swing-style design looks really stable. They also look approximately 1,000,000x cooler than ye olde plastic gizmo swing.

The felt swing is EUR72, and "If you would like to have it shipped to you we will also charge shipment." Otherwise, what, you can just use it in the store on your visits to Andelsbuch? [, look under handwerk+form]

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Ah, this fantastic swing was in the premiere issue of Cookie. I remember actually emailing the nice folks at Sparkability about it, and they told me that this kind of thing wouldn't really make it through the safety police here, so it does look like the only way to get it is from Europe, unfortunately.

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