September 26, 2006

News From The Stroller Wars: Skirmish Breaks Out At Apartment Therapy

There's a survey--just a simple question, what could be the harm in that?--at Apartment Therapy about which stroller Maxwell--the Apartment Therapist himself--and his due-soon wife should get for their NYC apartment lifestyle.

For the "first ride" category where, clearly, a high design quotient came into play in the initial polling, the choice is among: Universal Car Seat Carrier, Bugaboo, Micralite, Quinny--and a dark horse, the Bumbleride Flyer.

I may still chime in--our first two choices, of course, were the Bug and the Volo--but I'm a little wary. In that interior design crowd, strollers--which you take outside--count as conspicuous consumption, even if they cost less than a yard of that fabric they just bought to reupholster the chaise.

AT Survey: Best Stroller Design of 2006 [apartment therapy, thnx dt reader louise]

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