September 26, 2006

My Little Car Seat Pony: Casey And His Friends

Casey and his friends car seat plush toy

I naively went to ABC Kids Expo execting to stumble across row after row of baby gear innovations. But when I got there, all anyone could talk about was The Zaky.

These plush toys that attach to your kid's car seat were one of the few, true great new ideas I saw in the whole joint.

Dubbed Casey and his Friends, the toys were born [in the dean's office?] with a stuffed horse, a chainsaw, and a dream. Now there's a whole host of two-legged friends--horses, dogs, pegasuses pegasi, dragons, um, other kinds of dogs--which slip onto the bottom buckle of the car seat.

They give the kid the impression he's riding a huskie across the frozen tundra when, in fact, you're stuck on the LIE with the ice cream melting in the back.

Casey and/or his friends are available for $35 []


What, no car seat techs chiming in on the relative safety of this thing??

Checked out their website. It has been crash tested same standard as a Car Seat. Looks like its been tested for other safety standard US and International. Great Idea.

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